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Profile i panele wypłenieniowe

What is our technology?:

All our machines are driven by PLC display, where is preciously controled the PUR hotmelt adhesive aplication, primer dosing, speed of foil unwinding = maximum control during the production process.

Wrapping lines can wrapp profiles / pannels of the width 10 up to 1050 mm and heigh of the profile from 1 – 150 mm.

In case of profiles with co-extruded gasket, our lines has precious foil quiding, with tolerance 0,1 mm = maximum precision bonding.

Every production line, hase in-jet printing unit, to identify the date, shift and line characteristic to prevent possible future complaints. On the beginnin of each line is bush cleaning unit with antistatic system, to have the profiles / panels perfect clean before aplication process.

Total production capacity is  500 000 bm / monthly (on 6-wrapping lines) 4 of them placed in Slowakia and 2 of them in Czech Republic. For wrapping process we use only RAL / SKZ certified material, common brand names: TAKA, RENOLIT, HORNSCHUCH, COVA. Same technology (wrapping lines) and materials as BOPAL use most of the german PVC profile system makers like VEKA AG or PROFINE.

Standard wrapping aplications are:

·         Window and door profiles made from PVC or AL

·         Mosquito aluminium proile systems

·         Shading system profiles

·         PVC internal window boards and AL exernal window boards

·         Door sandwich pannels

·         Garage doors sectional pannels

·         PVC siding profiles

·         Profiles for railing systems  

·         others

What you will get from this service (profile wrapping)?:

o Price advangate – against standard supply of profiles from profile fabricators

o Time saving – because of standard delivery time of profile fabricator = 3 up to 5 weeks

o Store saving – neccessary to have on the stock only white profiles, we will supply you within 1 week with colour

o Wide range of colours – more than 60 basic colour avaliable on the stock

What we offer more than the competitors ?:

o Wrapping process is made with the people who has min. 3 years praxis with this process

o The profiles are always stored in tempered area, to secure the correct bonding process

o We secure the transportation on the Czech, Slowakian, Polish, Hungarian market with our trucks

o We are offering individua profile storing for each customer, to have more opperative process

o We in-ject the produciton information on each profile, to protect the quality and prevent the complaints

o We are controling preciously the temperatures, humidity, surface tentions of profiles

o We are using only RAL / SKZ certificated materials

o Our warehause colour offer include more than 120 different colours

o We offer free of charge the bacic colour range DECOR 22 with 22 most popular colours

o We use only 75 micron high self ahesive protective film, for perfect surface protection

o We use only 75 micron high self ahesive protective film, for perfect surface protection